Are you a UX designer interested in startups?

Are you a UX designer interested in startups?

Sundra is currently looking for a graphic designer with a passion for designing good experiences and an interest in startups. The job consists of a few projects to begin with and a 50-100% position in the near future with the possibility of getting a stake in the company. We are looking for an individual, not a design studio or company, that is open to being an important part of our company.

Work from anywhere!

Our startup is remote first, that means that you can work from anywhere and collaborate with us online. Most of our communications take place through software like Zoom, Slack, Notion and email. We have an office in Iceland that you are welcome to use but you are also welcome to work from anywhere you want. Currently our team is located in Iceland and USA and we would love to add more countries to the list.

You will be working on things like

  • Creating wireframes of our web app
  • Designing the UI/UX
  • Website designs.
  • Designing and maintaining our brand.

Overall you will be creating the whole feel and experience of the product in collaboration with the founders. You will face a lot of challenges in the job but you will also never get bored.

What we are looking for

We are looking for an individual with passion for design and a talent for creating beautiful experiences.

  • Must be able to work independently but have good communication skills.
  • Must have an opinion on all things design related but be willing to compromise.
  • Must have an eye for beautiful designs.
  • Must be interested in technology and the newest software solutions (like AI).
  • Must be a good person and respect others!

We don't care what schools you went to or what big name companies you worked for, what we care about is that you can help us make our product a pure joy for our customers. You don't need to know everything but you do have to have passion for what you do and a willingness to learn.

About Sundra

We are developing the first fully automated video production tool for events and conferences. With our solution conference organisers can turn their conferences into hundreds of pieces of video content instantly. We received a grant from the Technology Development Fund in Iceland to develop Sundra, launched our MVP earlier this year and are currently signing up early adopter customers. The team is an ambitious but easy going group of tech and startup enthusiasts, we strive to be inclusive both internally and externally and we value each other's opinions and welcome constructive conversations. We don't like cold and boring dark blue enterprise software, we want to create a friendly interface that really creates value for our customers. If you join us now you will be employee #3 or #4 in the company so you will get a chance to have a big impact on our product, company and team culture.

Be part of our small and awesome team, apply now!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in and would like to learn more, send me an email at with some information about yourself and examples of your work.

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