Seeking core developer with a passion for problem solving!

The Sundra team is searching for a core developer that’s open to diving into the “fly by the seat of your pants” startup scene with us. You’d be joining as the second developer in a small but expanding team and you’d have responsibilities as such.

About Sundra

Sundra is a video creation tool for events that uses AI and automation to fully automate video post production for events and conferences. The team is an ambitious but easy going group of tech and startup enthusiasts, we strive to be inclusive both internally and externally and we value each other's opinions and welcome constructive conversations. We don't like cold and boring dark blue enterprise software, we want to create a friendly interface that really creates value for our customers.

Our tech stack

Sundra is built as a glorified Macroservice and we subscribe to the “right tool for the right job” paradigm but the current stack contains a mishmash of languages and tech, including but not limited to:

  • Typescript / Python / PHP / Bash
  • Vue/Nuxt3 frontend
  • Laravel API service backend
  • Encoding service built on top of FFmpeg
  • AWS hosted (EC2, RDS, S3, SQS, Transcribe)

We also consume a number of external APIs & services including Stripe, Pusher Channels, AWS Transcribe, OpenAI (and yes, we have GPT-4 access) and we’re expecting to be continually expanding this list.

What you would be working on

As a core developer you will be working closely with the CTO, where you will be responsible for designing, prototyping, implementing and documenting various subsystems and modules within our Macroservice ecosphere. There are a bunch of interesting projects in the pipelines that you might be working on, a number of AI and video adjacent things such as speaker diarization, sentiment analysis, video content analysis, automated video partitioning/segmenting, etc. There’s also some stuff on the UX front such as improved video and clip editing, template designer. We’ve also got some standard boring stuff in the works, if that’s your thing, such as expanding our subscription and CMS services and your various tooling stuff. We’ve got something for everybody.

What we are looking for

is someone that is persistent and isn’t afraid of breaking things and taking them apart to understand how they work. Besides understanding how RESTful setups and modern tech stacks work, experience in some of the other things listed in our tech stack is preferred where knowledge of FFmpeg, AI/NLP and video encoding & analysis sits at the top of the list. However we also understand that experience is acquired and not given so as long as you know you can pick up what’s missing then we’re not going to be sticklers on what stack or frameworks you’ve got the most experience with.

Work from anywhere!

Our startup is remote first, that means that you can work from anywhere and collaborate with us online. Most of our communications take place through software like Zoom, Slack, Notion and email. We have an office in Iceland that you are welcome to use but you are also welcome to work from anywhere you want. Currently our team is located in Iceland, USA and Poland but we would love to add more countries to the list.

Be part of our small and awesome team, APPLY NOW!

If working in a rapidly evolving environment where wearing many hats (sometimes more than one at a time) interests you or if deep diving into a new framework you’ve never even heard of is what you do for fun on an a Tuesday night, then you’re in luck because Sundra might be the right place for you.

Send us an email at with some information about yourself, Github/GitLab link and/or code examples.

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