Why we created Sundra

[ This video was recorded before we rebranded the startup, it was called OneContent before we launched ]

We believe that content marketing is the best way to market your business and interact with your customers. However to reach the maximum number of people you have to be active on mulitplie platforms, platforms such as blogs, newsletters, podcasts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok and many more.

And therein lies the problem because creating content for so many platforms when each of them has it's own content specifications is very time consuming. So you have to create content in all content types, audio, video, text and images, and not just that but each platforms might have demands on length and format so you end up with dozens of different contents.

Our experience with this is that we were usually spending 3-5 hours each week just adapting our marketing content to 2-4 platforms.

We tried automating the process by hiring a virtual assistant to take care of this work for us to be able to focus on more high level work. Finding the right VA and creating the documentation and processes for the VA, training them and bug fixing took almost 3 months and still then it was costing hundreds of dollars each month and the process wasn't perfect.

At the point we thought "couldn't this process be automated?" and when we started working on it we realised that this is actually possible and we could turn a 5 hours headache each week into a 2 minute process.

With our new solution you only have to record one video and we turn it into:

  • Blog post
  • Newsletter
  • Copy for social media posts
  • Podcast episode
  • Professional Youtube vidoe
  • Facebook video post
  • Instagram video post
  • Linkedin video
  • TikTok video
  • Twitter post
  • and much more.

So... the reason why we started Sundra was to be able to save other entrepreneurs and knowledge creators hours each week of unnecassary work so that they can focus on improving the world instead of manually adapting their content to all the marketing platforms.

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